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Sonic Rivals - Secrets & Codes

Test Level

Cette zone permettait aux développeurs de Sonic Rivals de tester le comportement du jeu. Les fichiers sur l’UMD parlent de 11 zones de test, mais une seule est accessible, la Test Room 2. Elle ne possède pas grand intérêt, puisque les personnages sont cloués à la ligne de départ. Aucun décompte ne permet de commencer la course, qui semble consister en une simple boucle infinie (visible en observant l’image).

Le « Test Level » est accessible par une modification dans la RAM de la console ; il faut ensuite sélectionner Forest Falls Acte 1.

0x201533E8.dword = 0x74736574 + 0x201533EC.dword = 0x6F6F725F + 0x201533F0.dword = 0x0000326D

Liste des tenues des personnages

Une liste des tenues disponibles peut se voir en explorant un peu le contenu du disque du jeu, notamment avec le fichier STR_EN.TXT qui contient :

Knuckles Leather Gloves Unlocked
Knuckles Eggman Gloves Unlocked
Knuckles Armor Gloves Unlocked
Knuckles Leather Shoes Unlocked
Knuckles Eggman Shoes Unlocked
Knuckles Armor Shoes Unlocked
Knuckles Leather Suit Unlocked
Knuckles Eggman Suit Unlocked
Knuckles Armor Suit Unlocked
%s’s Leather Gloves Unlocked
%s’s Jester Gloves Unlocked
%s’s Circuits Gloves Unlocked
%s’s Leather Shoes Unlocked
%s’s Jester Shoes Unlocked
%s’s Circuits Shoes Unlocked
%s’s Leather Suit Unlocked
%s’s Jester Suit Unlocked
%s’s Circuits Suit Unlocked
Shadow’s Leather Gloves Unlocked
Shadow’s 80’s Gloves Unlocked
Shadow’s Flame Gloves Unlocked
Shadow’s Leather Shoes Unlocked
Shadow’s 80’s Shoes Unlocked
Shadow’s Flame Shoes Unlocked
Shadow’s Leather Suit Unlocked
Shadow’s 80’s Suit Unlocked
Shadow’s Flame Suit Unlocked
Silver’s Leather Gloves Unlocked
Silver’s Christmas Gloves Unlocked
Silver’s Lightning Gloves Unlocked
Silver’s Leather Shoes Unlocked
Silver’s Christmas Shoes Unlocked
Silver’s Lightning Shoes Unlocked
Silver’s Leather Suit Unlocked
Silver’s Christmas Suit Unlocked
Silver’s Lightning Suit Unlocked
Sonic’s Leather Gloves Unlocked
Sonic’s Black Tie Gloves Unlocked
Sonic’s Ice Gloves Unlocked
Sonic’s Leather Shoes Unlocked
Sonic’s Black Tie Shoes Unlocked
Sonic’s Ice Shoes Unlocked
Sonic’s Leather Suit Unlocked
Sonic’s Black Tie Suit Unlocked
Sonic’s Ice Suit Unlocked

Phrases à l’écran de chargement

En bonus, voici la liste complète des phrases affichées pendant le chargement du jeu. [N] correspond à un retour à la ligne, [XB] est le bouton Croix, [CB] le bouton Cercle.

Glowing Boost objects[N]can be found throughout the level.[N]Press [XB] to Air Boost or [CB] to Speed Boost !
Illusion Offensive : Mess up your Rival’s screen ![N]Defensive : Drop a small orb of Illusion that will distort your Rival’s screen !
Wind Offensive : Throw a tornado forward that will toss your Rival up into the air ![N]Defensive : Drop a tornado trap that will hurl your Rival into the sky !
Ring Magnet Offensive/Defensive : Attract nearby Rings to you !
Mine Offensive : Launch a homing mine that will track your Rival ![N]Defensive : Drop a depth charge that will explode if your Rival gets near it !
Sonic’s Signature Move is Sonic Boom. He can fly through the air and then run with a burst of crazy speed !
Knuckles’ Signature Move is his Hammer Punch. It stuns his Rival, wherever he is !
Shadow’s Signature Move is Chaos Control. He can slow time for his Rival !
Silver’s Signature Move is ESP. He can scramble his Rival’s controls !
Press [CB] when near your Rival to push him to the ground and make him lose Rings !
Air Boosting [XB] can open up new paths for you to explore !
Use the homing attack on your Rival (press [XB] twice) to leapfrog into the air and make him lose Rings !
Jostling your Rival will get you a higher score !
Leapfrog over your Rival to reach higher areas !
You lose 10 Rings whenever you get injured.
Collect Rings to add to your level score !
If you get injured when you have zero Rings, you will lose valuable time while you respawn.
Collect Rings to complete Challenges !
Push, leapfrog, and Power-Up your Rival to knock his Rings loose !
Follow Ring trails to find new paths and items.
Complete Challenges in Challenge Mode to earn cards.
Air Boosting [XB] might help you find a much-needed Power-Up !
Collect sets of Cards to unlock new content !
Collect all Cards to see cool images !
Cards can unlock track suits, Race Cups, and more !
You can trade cards with your friends via Card Trade !
Collect Chaos Emerald Cards to unlock new Race Cups.
See all your cards in Card Collection Mode.
You can wager cards against your Rival in Wireless Play races. Winner takes all !
Complete Story modes to access menu colors for each character !
Venoom - A large robotic arachnid queen that resides deep in the forests of the Forest Falls Zone.
Vultur : This mechanical vulture threatens with its steel talons in the Colosseum Highway Zone.
Speed Boosting [CB] will help you clear obstacles and destroy enemies in your path !
MonoClown : Eggman’s latest creation rolls along and punches any interlopers in Sky Park Zone.
Yetee : He’s big, angry, and programmed to defend the frozen tracks of Crystal Mountain Zone !
Metal Hound : This terrifying technobot patrols the Death Yard Zone and is eager to sink his metal teeth into any intruders.
Drill Worm : This large mechanical worm bristles with spikes and makes its home in the Meteor Base Zone.
You can use your homing attack (press [XB] twice) to destroy enemies !
Flapper shoots homing missiles - watch out !
EggPawns patrol all the Zones, eager to do Eggman’s bidding.
You can bounce off of enemies to access hard to reach platforms and even jump over pits !
Forest Falls Zone : Hit the Egg Turtle’s head for damage, or hit the tail to stop your rival !
Colosseum Highway Zone : Jump on the Egg Falcon’s head when he swoops down low ! But watch out for his bombs !
Speed Boosting [CB] will help you zip past your Rival !
Crystal Mountain Zone : Jump from the paws of the Egg Lynx while they’re lowered to hit Eggman’s capsule !
Death Yard Zone : Freeze your Rival by boosting off stuck missiles, then attack the Brain Capsule when it emerges !
Meteor Base Zone : Fight your way through the hazards and smash Eggman’s Laser-Turrets to stop the Rocket !
Boosting will help you collect more Power-Ups and Rings.
Fire Offensive : Blast your Rivals with a fireball ![N]Defensive : Protect yourself with a fire shield !
Ice Offensive : Freeze your Rivals solid with an ice bolt ![N]Defensive : Drop a snowbank that will slow your Rival !

Le mot de la fin

Pour en savoir plus sur Sonic Rivals, jetez un coup d’œil à nos autres dossiers :
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Par Miles Prower le 22 octobre 2019


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